Heil Sound AD-1-I Icom Headset Adaptor Cable




AD-1-I: All Heil Headset adapter cables use commercial grade microphone connectors with dual exit cable clamps that are much heavier than the normal CB type connectors that the industry had been forced to use for decades. If you have several brands of transceivers, individual adapter cables may be connected to each radio, so you may quickly and easily move your Heil boom microphone headset from one transceiver to another, without having to remove any connectors from the transceivers. All Heil audio cables are wired through to support VOX operation.
Heil AD-1 series headset radio cables are required for Heil boom microphone headset models including PROSET Elite, PROSET, the original and reintroduced PRO-MICRO series, the lightweight, yellow BM-17 series and BM-10 series headsets, and the legacy PROSET PLUS. These cables support all of the Heil Sound headsets that feature a 3.5 mm (1/8 in. miniature phone) mono connector for the microphone audio. Each has a female 1/4 in. mono dongle connector on a short wire for PTT keying foot switch or hand switch connection.
This Adapter is to be used with Icom Radios with an 8 Pin round microphone connector and Proset or BM Series headsets with a HC-6,HC-5 or HC-4 element. This cable cannot be used with Heil IC Electret mic elements.
NOTE: The 1/4 in. stereo male plug on your headset cable does not connect to the AD-1 series cables, but connects directly to your transceiver headphone jack.