Diamond SRH999 Quad Band HT Antenna



SRH999: High quality, high gain HT antenna. Flexible whip with SMA. Increase the performance on your handheld or wideband scanner with a Diamond SRH series.
The SRH-999 is a 1/4 wave on 6 and 2 meters, a 1/2 wave on 430 MHz and a 5/8 wave on 1.2 GHz. This antenna terminates to a 50 ohm SMA. This antenna is a favorite among ICOM T81A users.
It is also suitable for wideband receivers which feature an SMA connector.

Bands: 6m/2m/70cm/23cm
Gain: +4 dBR
Watts: 10
Height: 19.5″
Connector: SMA