Diamond SDC-1 Tuning Control For SD-330



SDC-1: The Diamond controller SDC-1 is the ideal complement to the SD-330 mobile antenna. In contrast of the original controller there is a choice to use automatic fixed positions for each band. In practice, it seems that you set the desired band / the desired frequency and press “GO” button. The frequency and position count number will be shown at that time. The fine adjustment is setting with the “UP” and “DOWN” buttons by a maximum output power of 10W. The SDC-1 power supply voltage is usable from 9-14,5V and will delivered with a cigarette lighter plug. A simple reverse voltage protection is integrated into the device. During operation, the SDC-1 requires a maximum of 200mA.

Frequency: 3.5/7/10/14/18/21/24/28(29)/50MHz
Band Operation time:
3.5MHz→HOM→3.5MHz approx. 160 sec.
7MHz→HOM→7MHz approx. 50 sec.
14MHz→HOM→14MHz approx. 20sec.
HOM–Operation standard position (Lowest position of the coil)
Power supply voltage & current: DC-12V (9-14.5V) 200mA
Dimensions: 85(W) x 120(D) x 32(H)mm
Weight: 380g