Comet CT-5M Mobile Trunk Lip Antenna Mount



CT-5M: Comet mobile antenna mounts offer a strong support base for your antenna.
These standard trunk lip mounts are made from one-piece stamped steel and feature SO-239 connectors and a soft rubber gasket to protect your vehicle’s paint.
Standard heavy-duty trunk lip mount and coax cable combination with SO-239/PL-259 connectors. Designed to hold large multi-band antennas up to 80 inches: UHV-4, UHV-6, ATAS-120, mini screwdriver antennas, etc…
Adjustable to 17 degrees, large footprint with support tab for stability. (Check your vehicle for flush adjoining surfaces) Footprint: 4.6″ x 2.1″ / Cable Length (ft):16.500 ft.RG-58 A/U.