Comet CHL-25S 2/70cm Mobile Antenna



CHL-25S: The CHL-25S is a high performance high quality mobile antenna that not only performs well in amateur bands, but also performs satisfactorily in wideband reception. A non-radial type that can be used with confidence.
The antenna can be tilted 90 degrees. Like almost all Comet models of this type, the CHL-25S works as a lambda 1/2 wave in the 2m band and as 2 x lambda 5/8 in the 70cm band, which enables up to 5.5dBi gain.

Frequency Range: 144/430 MHz
Wide reception: 100-170/350-470 MHz
Gain: 2.15 / 5.5 dBi
Power: 200W
Length: 0.98m
Connector: PL-259 (MP)
Weight: 210g
Configuration: 1/2λ (144 MHz) 2 x 5/8λ (430 MHz)