Comet CF-360A Antenna Duplexer



CF-360A: This Comet CF-360A duplexer allows you to connect 2 radios to a single antenna, so you can use each radio to operate a different band. This eliminates the need for multiple antennas and additional coaxial cables. The Comet CF 360A antenna duplexer is designed for transmitting and receiving 1 – 30Mhz and 50Mhz (or 144 & 433Mhz) at the same time. The high quality combination filters help prevent TVI and use 2 x output leads with PL259 plugs. The input is a UHF SO-239 socket.

Band frequency and input loss: 1.3 – 30Mhz / less than 0.2dB.
Band frequency and input loss: 49 – 470 Mhz / Less than 0.2dB.
Maximum input power: 1.3 – 250Mhz 600 Watts (PEP).
Maximum input power: 300 – 470 Mhz 500 Watts (PEP).
Input: 1 UHF female connector SO-239.
Output: 2 cables with PL-259 plugs.
VSWR: 1: 1,2.
Impedance: 50 Ohms.
Isolation: 45dB minimum.
Size: L66 x W90 x H26 mm.