Spiderbeam Clamcleat PRO ASA08 Powerful Rope Tensioner




ASA08: These CLAMCLEAT rope clamps use a particularly robust material and advanced toothing technology to hold all types of ropes and lines with a diameter of 4 mm to 6 mm securely but also to release them quickly if necessary. The material is reliable even under extreme conditions. Tested in conditions from +40°C to -40°C.These rope clips are designed to form an adjustable loop at the end of a line used as a guy line. In conjunction with our PES rope or strong Dyneema 6mm, a perfect way to easily adjust the tension or quickly fix it in a very stable way. This very powerful rope tensioner is made from hard anodized aluminum and nylon.

Length: approx. 73mm
Width: approx. 15mm
Height: approx. 38mm
Weight: approx. 35g
Colour: Black-Blue

NOTE: Priced $35.00 each.