BHI NES10-2 MK4 Noise Eliminating Speaker





NES10-2MK4: New improved NES10-2MK4 with increased audio power and the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology New The bhi NES10-2MK4 amplified DSP noise cancelling speaker removes noise and interference from noisy speech signals enabling you to have a much more enjoyable listening experience.
The speaker is compact and easy to use and incorporates the latest high performance bhi DSP noise cancelling technology. The three position switch on the top of the speaker controls the following functions; “Off” (audio bypass), “On” (amplified audio) and “DSP” (noise cancelling on).
The speaker has a quality 5W audio amplifier with DSP noise cancelling from 8 to 40dB over 8 user selectable levels, and tone reduction up to 65dB. The NES10-2MK4 requires 10 to 18V DC (500mA). The speaker has an integral 2m audio lead terminated with a 3.5mm mono jack plug and comes with a sturdy metal mounting bracket.
There is a 3.5mm mono headphone socket on the side and this can also drive an external loudspeaker. The NES10-2MK4 speaker is supplied with a rotary filter select knob, two fixing screws, 4 self-adhesive rubber feet, 1 x 1030-FPL fused DC power lead and user manual.
The NES10-2MK4 DSP noise cancelling speaker is suitable for use in a wide range of radio communication applications across all radio frequencies, and is particularly effective for improving the voice quality in amateur radio and shortwave listening. The speaker can be used in a base station base station environment or used mobile in a vehicle.
The power “On” LED illuminates red when power is applied and changes to green when the noise cancellation is active. The overload LED lights if the audio input is overloading the speaker. The output level control allows you to adjust the audio output to suit your setup.

Fully adaptive DSP noise cancelling 8 to 40dB
Up to 65dB tone reduction
Function switch for audio by pass, audio on & DSP on
New rear panel rotary switch allows easy adjustment of 8 noise cancelling levels
5-Watts audio (adjustable)
LED indication of power on, filter on and audio overload
3.5mm mono headphone socket (will also drive another speaker)
Compact robust speaker housing
Easy to install with adjustable metal mounting bracket
10 to 18V DC operation
Includes 2m long audio input lead with 3.5mm mono plug fitted, a metal mounting bracket with thumb screws, 4 x self-adhesive rubber feet, 1 x 1030-FPL fused DC power and instruction manual.