Alpha Delta Delta-4B ASC Antenna Coaxial Switch




Delta-4B ASC: The Alpha Delta model ASC antenna selector console desk top coax switch series brings a new level of versatility and convenience to your station operation. This series retains all the features and specifications of the precision 4 position DELTA-4B series (see WEB site for DELTA-4B specs, pictures, and info), including ARC-PLUG ™ module surge protection, in a desk top console that will sit on your desk next to your gear. The console does not have to be secured or bolted down!
The console features a powder coated steel housing and a solid brass ground buss, with #10 wire attachment hardware, across the rear of the housing providing a common ground point for all station equipment and accessories. “Non-slip” feet are attached for solid stability.
The series offers low loss constant impedance performance and best co-channel rejection (typ >60dB) depending on connector type and freq. Rated at 2kW SSB/CW output. Made in our ISO-9001 certified
A proper ground wire must be attached to the bus for the operation of the Model D-4 during surge discharges. Proper grounding techniques are covered in various ARRL and other publication materials.

Features include:
Port to port isolation: Greater than 60dB at 30MHz, 50dB at 450MHz
Power rating: 2,000 Watts